Premium Tandem Flight

To go even further, and even higher, a long flight is offered. (Between 25 and 35 minutes)

Your desires will determine the choice of the program: this may be a small piloting class that allows you to take control of the aircraft, a distance flight for a large aerial ballad above Salève and some aerobatic tricks like ‘Wing-over’ or the engaged ‘spiral’ will conclude this exceptional flight.

Upon your arrival you are taken care of by a free flight instructor. During 1h30 he takes care of you in order to satisfy your curiosity and to help you live your personalised experience of the discovery of the paragliding flight.

On landing your pilot will give you your air christening certificate and a drink will be offered to you.

From Tuesday to Sunday: 16:30 – 18:00

Every day except monday  from March to the end of October.

From 16h30 to 18h00.

You have to count about 1:40 for the whole performance.

There is no limit to age in tandem paragliding. For the little ones, five years seems to be a reasonable age … The important thing is that it is the child who asks to fly. Indeed, the scariest part is before taking off. Once we’re off, there’s nothing to be scared of. This is why there is no obligation for a medical certificate and there are no age limits. So we were actually able to fly in a tandem a gentleman who was celebrating his 100th birthday!

For people who have serious health problems, it is best to seek advice from their doctor who knows them well. We can fly people with disabilities, just notify us in advance because in some cases we call on a specialised instructor who flies with a suitable wheelchair.

You will be welcomed at the landing site of TROINEX where you will be provided with all necessary equipment (helmet, climbing shoes, flight suit …). After getting to know your pilot, the climb to the summit of Salève is made by mini-bus and it is often where the adventure begins …

Once at the summit, a take-off is chosen according to the weather conditions of the moment, your pilot prepares the flight equipment and installs you in your harness while communicating the necessary information and answering any questions you may have; The take-off is done without difficulty; To sum up, just run. You realise then that, contrary to what one can imagine, take-off is done in a natural way … “It is unbelievably smooth! “.

In the air, after a very quick transition to the third dimension, you have the feeling of flying the most natural in the world! In direct contact with the elements you can feel flowing around you, you get a unique view; In front of your pilot, the view is completely clear … You can watch the scenery pass under your feet, sometimes even you will surprise a Mountain Goat walking on the steep terraces of Salève!

After a flight of about thirty minutes, duration varies according to the thermal ascents of the day, it is time to return to the mainland. In spite of a legitimate apprehension, you will be surprised again by the softness of the maneuver: almost at zero speed, you only need a few steps to find yourself on the ground, still surprised and certainly dazzled by this wonderful experience. The rest of the program is simple, once your flight report has been completed you will receive a certificate of air christening and it is time to view our film…

Flight Premium: CHF 240.-

Video and photos of your flight 35 CHF on SD / microSD cards
The know-how of our pilots and the use of small wide-angle onboard cameras fixed on poles allow us to make beautiful photos and video of your flights.

Reduction for groups of 5 or more and for students: -10%

You can book your flight by phone on +41 (0) 22.784.38.08 or via the form below.

If you want to make sure you have room at the time of your choice as well as for groups, you have to book several days in advance. But you can also try the day before to see the morning.

Approximately 3 hours before the flight, we ask you to call us to avoid traveling in case the weather conditions are not good for paragliding.

We do not ask for a deposit for the reservation, so be nice, let us know as soon as possible in case of the unexpected and avoid as much as possible cancelling the same day because our pilots are always present.

At the landing area in Troinex where the school and the clubhouse are located with its friendly shaded terrace. Access map at the bottom of the page or here.

Trousers and windbreakers are recommended. In warm weather, a simple sweater will be sufficient, otherwise do not hesitate to take warmer clothes and gloves. If you have mountain shoes you can take them, otherwise we will lend you with the helmet.

A t’on le vertige en parapente ?

C’est la question la plus courante mais la réponse est simple, le vertige n’existe pas en parapente. Il faut savoir que le vertige ne peut exister que si l’on a un repère par rapport au sol (qu’il soit horizontal, vertical, ou de n’importe quel type), et ce n’est plus le cas en l’air. Certaines personnes peuvent avoir une appréhension avant le vol, et c’est tout à fait normal, mais ce n’est pas grand chose et de toute façon c’est vite oublié une fois en vol.

Comment tient-on en l’air ?

Pour faire durer un vol en parapente, le pilote doit exploiter des zones d’ascendances thermiques. Ce sont des zones d’air plus chaud que l’air environnant et qui monte. En été, un vol peut durer plusieurs selon les conditions et feeling du pilote.

Faut-il une condition physique particulière pour un vol en biplace parapente ?

Le biplace en parapente n’est pas un sport physique. Les phases de décollage et d’atterrissage se font en douceur et le vol est une simple balade paisible. Les seuls moments ou il faudra peut être courir un peu sont le décollage et l’atterrissage, et encore. Toutefois, pour les personnes à forte corpulence, il sera nécessaire d’être dynamique lors du décollage.

Y-a-t-il des contres indications à la pratique du parapente biplace ?

Oui, il y a bien quelques contre indications à la pratique du parapente en biplace. Les personnes ayant une insuffisance cardiaque, les épileptiques, et quelques autres cas bien particuliers. En cas de doute, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Il y a t-il un âge minimum ou maximum pour pratiquer du vol libre ?

Il n’y a pas d’âge minimum ou maximum pour pratiquer cependant l’âge minimum légal pour ce présenter au passage du brevet de vol libre est 16 ans.

Return with the photos & video of your flight

Leave with the Memories of your flight on cards SD/microSD.

The know-how of our pilots and the use of small cameras embarked in short lens fixed to perches allow us to realize magnificent photos and videos of your flight.

Video and photos of your flight with the offered SD/microSD: 35,-CHF

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  • The Gift Voucher is valid one year from the date of issue

  • You can pay with Paypal, with or without account, using your credit card, by selecting the option “pay by credit card” on the Paypal checkout page.
  • Once payment done, you will received the certificate to print by email

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